Sweet & Innocent Confusion of “Tomorrow & Today!!!!”


My colleague has a cute, intelligent 3.5 years old girl. She is so fond of sweets and chocolates that sometimes it becomes impossible to stop her from overeating it.

One day her daadi gave her a laddoo to eat in the morning. In the evening she asked her mom for a chocolate. Her mom said, “You ate laddoo in the morning, so no more chocolates today. I will give it to you tomorrow.”

The next day she went to her mom and said, “Mom you are going to give me chocolate tomorrow na?”

Her mom was amused at her talk and said, “Yes, dear. Tomorrow” The same scene again happened the next day. Now my colleague understood the whole situation that her little one couldn’t understand when tomorrow would occur and was too overjoyed.

Now, whenever the little one would make tantrums for toys or sweets my colleague could now easily handle all her tantrums by just saying, “We would do it tomorrow”. However, one day, somehow the little one realised, Mom yesterday said “tomorrow” means “today” she should give me the chocolates.

She went straight to her mom and said, “ Mom, yesterday you said you would give me chocolates tomorrow. So it means you would give the chocolates today”.

Her mom and dad were so happy as the little one had finally understood the meaning of today and tomorrow and were upset at the same time as they had to now search for new means to handle her tantrums.

So this is how your child gets developed slowly and gradually and makes your life filled with happiness and cuteness as he gradually learns new words, its meanings and gets acquainted to the new world and introduces you as well to the new world of enthusiasm and innocence!!!!!

Photo credit: Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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