Astonishing act of kid on being teased!


Today we would be sharing the story of Om, a 4th standard school going kid. 

He was an innocent, shy but yet a handsome and intelligent boy. He had so beautiful long and thick eyelids, that anyone would envy them. 

On one Sunday evening, his Mom was busy doing household chores. As she didn’t see Om for quite awhile she went to check as to what he was doing.

 On entering his room she was shocked to see him. Any guesses??? Om had plucked off all his beautiful eyelids. His mom came to a standstill for a moment. She just could not understand the reason for plucking off beautiful eyelids. 

On asking him the reason, he said crying, “Mom, all boys in my class used to tease me for having these long and thick eyelids. They said they make me look girly” Can you just believe it? 

Later on his parents made him understand about the uniqueness of his lovely eyelashes and also explained the other children who teased him not to tease anyone about their appearances.

We were all amused as well as stunned after this incident. This is the extent to which a child can think and outgo. 

The above incident would amuse us, stun us, but there is a very crucial learning from it.

The most precious gift that we all are gifted in our life is our body. Each one of us is beautiful in our own way. We all need to accept and respect the way we are.


So friends, we all need to imbibe this quality as adults in our own life. This small step would indeed help us to walk the journey of our life confidently and happily.

Also do not forget to preach to your children the same quality in their childhood itself, as inculcation of this quality in the very childhood would indeed pave a way to their bright, happy and joyful future…!!!!

Photo Credit: Image by Nguyen Dinh Lich from Pixabay

Do share with us incidences where you were teased as a kid and how you coped with it… We all can learn from this, so that we can let our children how to cope with such teasing.


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