How we parents go on eroding the innocence of our children?


Just as Dominos provides us with overloaded cheese, as a child, God gifts us with overloaded innocence, cuteness and love. 

However, as a child grows, all his innocence gradually in this materialistic world gets evaded slowly with the experiences we elders give them in their life. 

So today we would like to share a cute little innocent story of my neighbour child. 

Jiya a cute little 3 year old girl, used to live in a rented house in our neighbourhood. She was so cute and innocent that I couldn’t stop resisting playing with her. The house being a bungalow the owner would stay in one part and Jiya with her family in another part. Even the owner of the house had a cute granddaughter, Riya.

Both Jiya and Riya used to play together. However, Riya was too mischievous and would often beat and bite Jiya. Jiya didn’t know how to react and would go crying to home to her mom. Her mom used to explain her and again Jiya and Riya would go on playing. However, one day the same scene happened and Jiya went home crying. Her mother was too busy with her work. 

Jiya narrated the whole scene to her mom and her mom in a hustle and bustle of doing the household work instantly said – “Why don’t you beat and bite her”. Her mom was even not aware of what she said and the consequences she would face of what she had just said. 


Next day Riya’s mother came complaining to Jiya’s mother and said – “ Do you teach your daughter to bite and beat my daughter?”. 

Jiya’s mother was taken aback and just came to a standstill for few seconds. Her mother looked at Jiya and Jiya instantaneously remembered Mom you only told yesterday to beat and bite Riya if she does the same with me. Jiya’s mother couldn’t stand the owner of the house and was too embarrassed. She said to the owner, I don’t know why she is saying the same , she may be lying. She just cannot understand what she speaks, she is too small. Please ignore her. 

It would be such a small scene. But however, as a parent you should be so aware of what you speak, what you teach, the way you behave whether consciously or unconsciously is totally imbibed by your child.

Although Jiya was honest, innocent she was proved wrong by her own mother to maintain relationships with the owner of the house.


This is how we parents go on eroding the innocence of our children. 

There are two intentions for sharing this story: 

The funny part : Just be aware of what you speak, you never know where a child can make you stand in front of others due to their overloaded cute innocence. 

Parenting tip: Just ensure that when you come across such scenes, please ensure that to a maximum extent you don’t hurt the innocence of your child. They are such cute flowers, let them blossom on their own. Don’t let your materialistic relationships, your materialistic life ever hamper their innocence. Let them live to the fullest and to the cutest. 

Photo credit: Image by Cheryl Holt from Pixabay

Do share with us incidences in your life where innocence of a kid got hampered and on realisation how you dealed with it… We all can learn from this, so that we can let our children learn best practices.


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