Kids love cosmetics: Isn’t it?


This story is for all Mom’s and a suggestion for all of them to better keep your cosmetics in a safe place where your child can’t reach it. 

One day before going to the office, in a hurry, while shifting all the stuff from one purse to another, my colleague forgot her lipstick on the table. 

Her little child used to stay with her grandparents in the house while she went to the office. In the afternoon after having lunch and playing with the girl, the grandparents fell asleep. However, the little girl was still playing. 

While playing, she saw lipstick on the table. She had seen her mom applying lipstick in the morning. So she took it and started applying wherever she saw faces. 

She colored all the images of characters in all her story books, all the statues in the house. However, the height was when her granny woke up and saw that even the idols of God and Goddesses in the temple home were colored by her. 

So all my dear mom’s better keep all your cosmetics at a safe place. You never know what the combination of kids with cosmetics may get you through.

Photo credit: Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Do share with us such incidents in your life where your child just imitated you in the most hilarious way!!! Let’s spread happiness!!!


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