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Today we would be sharing a story for all the couples who are planning for their second child. It would give you just for a moment a glimpse of the cute, innocent, funny yet disastrous situation you could go through. 


So let’s begin with – Our neighbour had two daughters Jiya and Pari. Jiya was a 3.5 year old cute, innocent girl whereas Pari was a just born beautiful baby. Jiya as an elder sister was too protective and caring for Pari. She used to even not let us touch or play with her. She was so protective of her. 


One day Pari had a cough and cold. The doctors had provided some syrup for her and Jiya had seen her mom feeding medicine to Pari. At night Pari started coughing and Jiya got up. Her mom and dad were deep asleep. Jiya got up and due to her caring nature towards Pari fed almost half a bottle of syrup to her. 


The next day in the morning when her mom and dad got up Pari was not conscious. They immediately took her to hospital. All including the doctor could not understand exactly what might have occurred.


Later, on asking Jiya she said as Pari was coughing and was not feeling well so unlike mom I fed her the medicine. 


We all were stunned at the innocence of that little girl and just couldn’t stop laughing. So all my upcoming parents, the parenting of your second child will not be just done by you both but also by your cute, intelligent and innocent first child.


So be more cautious and get ready to experience these happy, innocent moments of your complete family picture. All the best !!!! 

Photo credit: Image by sathyatripodi from Pixabay

Do share with us such incidents of innocent care taking in your life!!! Let’s spread happiness!!!


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