Unbelievable act 🙈🤭 by kid for animal love


You all would have observed our children are too fond of animals. They just can’t go on jumping, smiling on seeing a cat, dog, crow, fish or all sorts of animals.

Today’s story would just make you aware of the situation you may go through if your kid is too fond of animals.

Atharva was a 9 year old, school going kid. He was too intelligent and a fond lover of animals.

One day, he saw a baby lizard in school. It may sound too weird, but he liked that lizard. So after eating his tiffin, he just caught that baby lizard, put it in his tiffin to bring him home. After coming home, he forgot that incident and went to play.

When his Mom opened the tiffin to clean it, the lizard popped out of the tiffin. She was too scared and screamed on seeing the lizard as she never expected a lizard popping out of the tiffin.

Animal Love

On asking Atharva, he narrated the whole scene to her.

So here’s it guys, you can see how the combo of innocence and animal love can create havoc in your life. So if your child is a fond lover of animals, better be aware.

Photo Credit: Lizard

Do share your funny stories related in childhood with us and make others smile with it.

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