Mom I want Varan Bhaat, else no School Interview😜🥰


You all may be aware we as Maharashtrians are so fond of ‘Varan Bhaat’ that we just can’t live without it. It’s like heaven for having varan bhaat and ghee on it. So this is a story of a cute, little, Maharashtrian girl named Jyoti who is a mad lover of this varan bhaat and would go to any extent for having it.

Jyoti since her childhood, was so fond of varan bhaat that every morning for her break fast she needed varan bhaat. She is now a grown up child, but still every morning , she eats varan bhaat and then only leaves for school. And her mom ensures that she religiously prepares varan bhaat for her daily in the morning.

You all may be aware we as Maharashtrians are so fond of 'Varan Bhaat' that we just can’t live without it.Mad lover of this would go to any extent.

Do you want to know why? Here’s it.

This story is when Jyoti was 3.5 years old. It was time for her parents to ensure that she gets an admission in a reputed school in a city where her elder sister was studying. Her mom and dad had ensured that she was fully prepared for the interview.

On the day of the interview, in the morning, once again her dad took her revision and was relieved as she knew everything right from alphabets, to number, her name and color. However, her mom was too worried and in a hurry of getting all the home chores done, making Jyoti dressed up for an interview forgot to cook her favorite varan bhaat. As a result, she quickly made poha for her. Jyoti refused to eat, but her mom and dad made her eat the poha through all means.

They were now at school and it was now the time for Jyoti’s interview. She along with her parents went into the interview room.

The Principal with a smile asked Jyoti her name. There was no reply from Jyoti.

She then asked her color of her frock. But again no reply from Jyoti.

She again asked two questions again with no reply.

The Principal thought maybe she was afraid, so just offered her a chocolate and asked her a question. Jyoti was numb again.

Now the Principal could not resist. She looked at her parents.

Her mom said , “Jyoti dear, You know all the answers. Right? You had answered it to your father today morning. Now what happened? Don’t fear. Please tell me why are you not answering the questions?”

Jyoti finally finally broke her silence and said, “Why didn’t you prepare varan bhaat for me as a breakfast today? I am not going to answer any questions until you feed me varan bhaat”


On listening to Jyoti, her mom and dad were so stunned and embarrassed that they just couldn’t understand what to reply.

The Principal Mam on another hand just couldn’t stop laughing.

As luckily Jyoti’s sister was studying in the same school and was a brilliant kid, the Principal Mam took a decision to give Jyoti admission in school.

So guys if your kid is a foodie, and makes tantrums for having their favorite food on specific occasions, just remember Jyoti. And in the end, don’t you think Jyoti has an important parenting tip for you? You may be thinking “Yes”, but what actually is it?

Here’s a parenting tip brought by Jyoti for you – “You may ignore your monster’s food tantrums on any other ordinary day, but do ensure not on such important occasions. You may never know, what your amazing little short-tempered kid just for his favorite foodie may get you through. Happy Parenting!!! 

Photo credit: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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