Parents facing wild innocent questions from child: Ghost☠️!


Today’s story is of cute little, brave, fearless and intelligent 3 year old Samarth. 

One rainy night, the thunder was roaring and the winds were blowing fearlessly. Samarth along with his Mom and Dad were on their way to sleep. Samarth’s Mom and Dad gave him a tight hug and made an effort to make him sleep. 

When the two thought he had fallen deep asleep, Samarth got up after ten minutes and said to his Dad, “Dad, even you are not able to sleep na? Please go and get a danda.” His Dad could not understand why suddenly at midnight his monster Is asking a danda. 


Samarth continued, “Papa, I think there is a ghost outside the window. See how much noise he is making. I just cannot sleep with such a noise. I will go and hit him. So that he will run away and we could sleep peacefully.” 

Samarth’s dad was amazed. 

He said, “Waa, mera bahadur baccha. But there is no ghost outside. The wind is blowing so wildly, that the windows are getting shattered.” 

On listening this Samarth innocently said,” No Ghost ? So you mean, it’s our neighbor Uncle’s AC which is creating noise. Wait I will tell him and come.” 

His dad said ,“ Arree.. Baba noo.. It is not Uncle’s Ac that is making noise. It is normal air that is making noise.” 

The little one just couldn’t understand that the windows are getting shattered by the blowing winds and as a result are creating noise. 

He said, “Every day the wind blows. Then why every night there is no such noise? It is definitely the Uncle’s AC. I wanna go and tell Uncle now. It is the AC which is creating noise and we are not able to sleep because of the noise”. 

His Dad made all efforts to explain to him and finally after a long discussion of 10-15 minutes of “Yes-yes.. And No-no, Samarth finally got satisfied that actually the wind is blowing fiercely and hence the windows are getting shattered and creating a noise. And finally he fell asleep. 

Samarth’s Mom and Dad were like, “Hush, finally slept”.

So dear parents, do you daily go through similar situations wherein it just becomes breathtaking and impossible to answer the questions of your child. Then do share the same with us. We are eagerly waiting for your funny stories.

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