Fulfilling your kid’s desire


As a human being we have so many desires since our childhood, some of them get fulfilled whereas some don’t, due to either financial constraints, family issues or whatever may be and even though we grow up as adults these unfulfilled desires still remain in the core of our heart.

They may be small ones like a particular toy, bag, bicycle, video game. And when we see our little baby in our hand for the first time we at that particular moment promise our little one, that comes what may, I will always fulfill all your desires.

As our kid grows up, he makes various desires and we as parents most of the time go on fulfilling their desires, come what may.

However, after a very long time, we realize that our children as a result have become too stubborn. Their mind has built up a tendency, wherein they just cannot withstand the word, “No”. And all including the child and you have come across a long path, wherein you both cannot now make an effort to change the situations.

Dear parents, it is very obvious to fulfill our child’s desire, but just wait for a moment. Let them strive a little bit for it. Let them realize the effort it takes to get a particular thing. If you would just blindly, as and when as they demand just go on fulfilling all their desires, even if they grow up, they would not have that mind capability to make an effort and get their desire fulfilled. They will just know how to demand.

So sometimes, if your child demands a toy today, ensure that you don’t give it to him on that day itself. Let him cry. Let him withstand the word, “NO’. Sometimes give him a target that he needs to achieve, in order to get his desire fulfilled.

The above two acts have two benefits. One is he learns to withstand the word “No.”

Of course, we desire that all the wishes of our children get manifested, however, be practical, this is life dear. It is not necessary that all your child’s wishes would get manifested. At some point or another, we all come across situations, where our desires are not fulfilled.

We need to make them stronger for this day. When they are grown up, they should not collapse when any one of their desires isn’t fulfilled. The second benefit is when you give your child a target to achieve, the habit of striving in order to achieve his goal/his desires is developed. This trick helps our children in the long run.

After experimenting with the above two tricks, you would see that when you, later on, manifest their desire, you could see them happier than ever.

Guys, you know, there is also peace, sweet happiness, small satisfaction in striving for your desires. We as parents are not going to be with them all through their lifetime. We as parents need to seek a balance between fulfilling their desires and making them strong enough so that our little soldiers march confidently and capable in their future life for achieving their desires. 

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