21st-century parenting.


21st-century parenting. Parenting in the modern day has become very different than what it used to be like in the previous centuries.

Let’s not say that things were easier because, let’s get this straight, parenting is not an easy task no matter the era. We have very often listened to stories from our parents about how they were raised and it’s completely different than our upbringing.

Not to forget the values given to the child by the parents always remains the topmost priority to teach. 

Even though the essence of parenting remains the same but there has been a significant rise in other previously unknown issues and problems.

What remains totally unchanged as roles for the parents are changing diapers, running after the little ones with plates of food, taming temper tantrums, and putting these pieces of heart to bed.

Let’s all agree these little things are truly blissful for the parents. 


In the 21st century, unlike other times, many and the increased number of children are being raised by divorced parents. In not all cases are both the parents actively involved in the child’s life.

And many times the child can feel insecure and sad about one of the parents not being around. That void that gets created remains unfulfilled and the child often gets into emotional disturbances that affect the later part of life.

While, in the 20th century and before, there was a very strict negative stigma against divorce so the ratio of Un-divorced and divorced families were somewhat like a 60:40.


While, the first time moms earlier were much younger and in their early twenties, the scenario today is pretty different. Women today want first set their foot professionally and they only embark on the journey of motherhood. Younger moms were actually growing with there little one’s, there were a lot of things that moms explored, ones the child started growing. This made them connected and close to each other. Because they learned things together, they were ok with sharing any problems they faced.

Today, moms are ‘know it alls’ because of the technology, they’ve already read, also because of them being older, they have already explored things. 

“To make one child learn something forever, they need to learn it with them”. Well, the case has changed and the parents today are only a teacher to their kids and hardly contain learners. 


Now when we talk about this, we can safely say that times before the 21st century there was hardly any attention given to children’s mental health. To put it precisely, mental health was a big old taboo. Thanks to all the medical advancements that were done over the years, mental health is now being taken seriously.

The decreased social stigma around the issue of mental health has led to more children speaking up to their parents for help.

As parents in the 21st century, you need to tell your child that ‘it’s ok to not be ok, and totally fine to ask for help’. In the present times, parents need to be more vigilant of what their children are speaking because no one ever knows what signs they’re trying to drop. 


This is a very new-age issue that both parents and children today face. The internet is an amazing invention of mankind but at times it can be ruthlessly rude and the netizens can knowingly or unknowingly be a bully to a person. Sharing of pictures, spreading rumors and making I’ll comments can really affect a child’s mental state that may prevent them from performing their best later in life.

Being parents in the new age comes with teaching kids etiquette, even to be on the net. 

These were just a few of the many new introductions to parenting today. There are a lot of other challenges that a parent needs to face.

Everything set aside, building the best future for their child is every parent’s aim. No parent would and shouldn’t ever back from this task. After all, you brought this little child to life, it’s you who needs to make sure that they are provided with the best ground for growth. 

Photo credit: Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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