Poetic message from son to his Corona Warrior Papa!!!

Naughty Samarth

Today is Father’s Day!!!! 

Here is a Message from Little Samarth to his lovely papa, a COVID warrior on duty. Papa, I am missing you!!!. I love you a lot ………

Chanda Ne Poocha Taaron Se

Taaron Ne Poocha Hazaaron Se

Sab Se Pyara Kaun Hai

Papa Mere Papa

Papa Mere Papa

Though always a mother is praised for her role in the upbringing of kids; a father’s role is no less than her…

Just like an umbrella protects you from rainstorms so does a father protect and secure you from all the problems that possibly a family could face…

A father may not show love emotions and kindness always to you …he may appear to be strict to you but behind this act of him is the moto to make you strong so that you face the hard situations of life boldly and with great spirit!!!

He is the pillar of strength, support, and discipline!!! His work for the family is thankless and just can’t be expressed in words!!!

A salute to all the loving and caring yet disciplinary fathers!!!

Thinking of these two occasions together today (International Yoga Day and Father’s day); a thought just came to my mind…

Why don’t we make a promise to ourselves to follow a yoga routine, keep ourselves healthy, and gift our fathers a healthy we; with a healthy mind and healthy soul, and encourage them as well for the same?

After all which father would not like his son/ daughter to be following a healthy lifestyle? And a healthy soul and mind will surely also lead to healthy relations!!!

Isn’t it true? Do let me know your thoughts on this!!!!

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