Alice in her wonderland!!!


Parents consider their children gullible when they say that school is going to be fun. All the excitement to buy new school uniform, new bag, Tiffin, bottle ends up, when your parents leave you on the gate of an unknown world, you hardly relate to. 

Some kids seem to not mind, getting into a new place, perhaps they are not aware of the change in surroundings, while some cry their hearts out, looking at the unknown faces. 

Alice fell in the latter category. When her mother woke her up this morning, she had no clue what was about to crash on her. 

Just like the silence before a disaster, her mother made sure Alice has no clue about the upcoming crash. She made her, her favorite breakfast, Aloo paratha, and Lassi, and convinced her to put on a new uniform, which the little girl took as a new dress. Hardly did she know,  that she was about to enter a new home. A place which though doesn’t feel welcome in the beginning gives the most priced memories of life. 

So, as Alice stood at the gate of her school, she looked around and saw children of her own age crying and their parents somehow trying to convince them to enter the school.

Alice with the tiny brain of hers also began to cry,  but her mother scolded her and made her sit in a classroom and said ‘ Goodbye’.

Though Alice didn’t feel like leaving her, seeing her mother’s anger, she chose to sit there quietly. The school bell rang and the classes passed. Then it was time for a lunch break. Alice, still in a sad mood ate her lunch sitting alone on a bench.  Two rows away sat a girl Mani, also alone. But Mani was not sad, but just by herself. So when she saw that Alice is eating alone, she got up to join her.

Here, Alice was sad, but now she knew that there was no one here to console her. Just when this thought crossed her mind, she saw a hand that came offering a Tiffin having aloo paratha.

Even before looking who the person is, she just took the paratha. Taking that hand, she felt that this place is not that bad, and even today she doesn’t think of leaving that hand nor her Tiffin. Some bonds are made on certain grounds, theirs was ‘Food’.

Photo credit: Image by Cole Stivers from Pixabay

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