Understanding child psychology and its importance


Are you confused about ‘what’ and ‘why’s’ of parenting? Thinking about why your child reacted in a specific way to an incident? No worries, we have got you! Here’s a detailed blog on child psychology and how it influences your child’s behavior. 

What is child psychology?

Child psychology is one of the branches of psychology which not only deals with a child’s subconscious and conscious development but it also takes into account how they interact with their parents, peers, siblings, what is triggering a specific behavior in them and how do they express themselves.

It is very important to know how your child is dealing with these constant changes and how he perceives each. 

Why is it important?

A child’s journey from an infant to an adult is mixed with a lot of processes. During this entire period, a child goes through various physical, emotional, social, and cognitive changes. The entire process and its experience are important as it shapes your child’s personality and how their childhood has been, what environment they have and was exposed to has a significant impact on their adult life. 

Some pointers to consider for understanding your child’s psychology and development process: 

  • Observe

Parents need to observe their child’s behavior in and out. For example;

(a) Take a note of how they react when they are told to do certain things they don’t like,

(b) How to they socialize in your absence,

(c) What do they love doing, and why?

  • Honest conversations

Talking with no filter is the remedy to all problems.

Ask your child how are they dealing with school and what is happening in their lives. If your child is performing poorly in school, talk to him/her if something’s bothering them and if you can help them in any way. 

Create a comfortable space where they feel safe to share everything 

  • Healthy environment 

Be careful that you give your child a healthy environment in which they can grow and rise. Any kind of negative activity or ill speech will affect their development.

Parents should try to avoid arguments in front of the child and in case it happens, show your child you care by apologizing to each other and create a calm atmosphere.

A child should never be exposed to a violent or aggressive environment where the memory of it can get deeply embedded into them leading to unhealthy mental development. 

Take out this time today and nurture your child to develop into a healthy adult. While parenting can be stressful and challenging, sometimes. It can also confuse you raising a lot of questions, but know, each child is unique and let them grow into their best versions!

Photo credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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