But daddy, I loved birdie


There was this little 6-year-old girl named Ria who was her parent’s most precious little baby girl. She was a very pampered girl and loved all the attention she got.

Lost in her little world made up of barbies and unicorns and teddy bears, Ria didn’t care about the world. She was as innocent as she could be. A very well behaved girl that only made her family proud by her tiny gestures. She had made a lot of friends at school, that was because of how sweet she was. Ria was nice to everyone, even the bad kid of the class. She would help everyone and teachers really admired her for that. 

It was the parent-teacher’s meeting one day at ria school and mommy and daddy went for that with Ria. As soon as they entered the classroom Ria greeted her teacher with a smile and mommy and daddy sat down.

The teacher began to say ‘what do I tell you about Ria?

She’s absolutely the best, most disciplined child I’ve ever seen. Having her as a student is a pleasure. Good job to you people for bringing her up this well. ‘

Mommy’s and daddy’s face lit up with pride and they thanked the teacher and went home. On their way to the car, Ria met her best friend Tina. Mommy invited her for a playdate with Ria later in the evening. Both the girls seemed excited and were so ready to have a good time. 

Like a good girl, Ria cleaned and set up her playroom and mommy had made yum snacks for them too.

‘DING DING! ‘ the doorbell rang.

‘It’s Tina, she’s here’ Ria exclaimed as she ran to the door. As soon as Tina entered the house, the little girls rushed to the playroom and Ria started to show her friend all the toys that she had. She also told Tina that she can come over anytime and she’ll be happy to share her toys. They were really having a good time playing and snacking on all the yummy food mommy prepared. 

As they were having fun, Tina noticed that there was a nest in Ria’s balcony, above the AC, and she held Ria by her hand and showed her the nest with a mommy pigeon with her 2 eggs.

‘Look Ria, that’s a nest! And those eggs, they have baby birdies in them. One day it’ll hatch and you’ll see birdies! ‘ said Tina. After knowing all this, Ria was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t wait for the eggs to hatch. 

2 days passed since Tina and Ria had their playdate. Ria would just not stop asking mommy questions about the nest and the birdies, she said that the birdies are going to be her first pets and she’s so excited. Mommy couldn’t help but smile at Ria’s innocence. 

The eggs finally hatched! The birdies were out and Ria couldn’t stop herself from staring at the two. She would eat and play around the nest. She would take care of the mommy pigeon and the little birdies. Soon after the eggs hatched Ria kept water and food near the nest so that they never get hungry. 

One evening she invited over all her friends to introduce them to the birdies. It was a completely new development for Ria, mommy and daddy never knew that she can be such a great caregiver. 

Image by michel kwan from Pixabay

One afternoon Ria came back from school and ran to the birdies. She was shocked to see the empty nest. They were gone. The birdies were gone. Ria panicked and went to mommy crying. Mommy knew what happened but she didn’t know how to explain it to Ria. She wouldn’t stop crying. 

It was night time now and Ria was hoping they would return but that was not going to happen. The birdies were gone for good. 

Daddy had to step in, he picked Ria up in her arms and told her the truth.

He told her that they are not returning. Ria asked crying, ‘But why daddy, why will they not come back? ‘.

Daddy said ‘ Beta, the Birdies learned how to fly and they were now independent enough to find their food. The birdies grew up Ria. ‘

Ria listened and softly said ‘but daddy, I loved them’.

Daddy gave ria a gentle kiss and said ‘I know you did, but sometimes you need to let them free if you love them. If you really love them then you should hope that they stay happy and healthy where ever they are. One day you will also leave us, for work or studies. We love you too, but we can always wish you the best’.

Ria understood and said ‘ok daddy, I get it. They are always going to be my first pet and I’m always going to love them’. 

Daddy and daughter hugged each other and everything was good again. 

Photo credit: Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

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