Is Daycare another home?


Women should focus on family rather than a career, which is a typical mindset in India. But women, being strong and independent, know how to manage both. Since both the parents are busy with their careers, looking after the child becomes a big concern.  For this, they need a good ‘Daycare’ to take care of their child, so that they can focus on their work. 

But selecting Daycare for your child is as difficult as selecting a Diamond ring, we have to be conscious about what we are getting into. The finger is like the child and the Ring, a Daycare, whether the ring suits on the finger or not, is of paramount importance. Similarly, whether the atmosphere at the Daycare suits your child should be the priority.

The most important aspect of selecting Daycare should be whether your child gets the right company.

Almost all children cry initially when they are sent to Daycare. It’s just like your first day at school. But children in that age as well, understand the need of their parents and reluctantly go to Daycare. So now, it’s the parent’s responsibility to see whether the person in charge has a calm and gentle attitude with dealing with things. 

It is difficult to manage many children and their tantrums, all at the same time, but that is what the Daycare is for. The atmosphere at Daycare should be free, where children can feel that they can do anything, which recedes their sad feeling. Favoritism is something that shouldn’t be followed anywhere, then be it a Daycare. Such preferences can lead a child to low self-esteem. However encouraging children to talk to others and make friends, can really boost their confidence.

Also, this is a place where they learn their first value of ‘Teambuilding’. Adjusting and Adapting with the situations is a very difficult quality to inherent, but if children are taught the same, at a very young age, maybe they won’t face the difficulty later. 

Ended calling the nanny mummy..

Photo credit: Image by Kokab Deen from Pixabay

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