Take my jacket off!!


In a big fat world lived a little tiny girl named Joe. Being the youngest in the family, Joe got a lot of attention. With attention came toys! A lot of toys! Joe was a very playful girl. She was busy with her teddy bear one moment and was fixing her Barbie’s hair the other. With all her actions, she made everyone laugh at home. Mom, dad, and her big sister Gia were always running around joe for something or the other.

At times she fought with Gia but then she would quickly apologize and hug it out and everything became good again. Gia and Joe loved each other. 

Both the sisters went to school together. They even had some common friends. Mom and dad were very tension free of the fact that they’ll daughters will have a hard time in school. It was because they always helped each other. 

The school was going as usual with a lot of homework and activities to do. Joe and Gia were tired and they didn’t like the homework. They would try every way to go escape from the homework but mom used to make sure they do it on time. They were even awarded for being the best students for this. All thanks to Mom. 

One day Joe and Gia came back home from school. They were very happy and were jumping of joy. Mom and dad asked the two ‘what happened at school today that’s so special? ‘ both the sisters exclaimed ‘ winter vacations start in a week! ‘. 

Mom and dad looked at each other and giggled as they thought of how innocent their daughters are. 

Both girls were counting days for the vacations to begin and the last day of school was finally here. They dropped their bags as soon as they entered the house, after attending the last day of school. Dad had made his special pizza for the two little princesses. Over lunch, it was decided that they will go out to the lake for boating the next day. The girls got even more excited, they even went to bed before time so that the next day can start early. 

The next morning, Joe and Gia woke up early and picked out their clothes. It was freezing cold outside so mom made them layer up more. And they all left the house to have a fulfilled day. 

The whole family of four hoped on a boat and the kids were grinning as wide as they could. Gia was being an absolute good girl but Joe was giving mom and dad a hard time. It was cold and freezing but Joe just wouldn’t keep her jacket on. She would have fun for some time and then suddenly would start asking mom to take it off. When mom did everything she could to convince Joe to keep her jacket on but she won’t listen. Even dad and Gia were softly making Joe understand that such actions will make her fall ill and then she’ll have to go to the doctor, who will give her an injection and really bitter syrups. 

Joe was just not having it, she asked and begged and cried as much as she could. When no one took her jacket off, she did it on her own and threw it in the water. Mom, dad, and Gia were shocked to see this. Dad got the jacket out of the water somehow but it was all wet and Joe couldn’t have worn it. Everyone was angry at Joe and told her that she’ll fall sick and then she’ll not like it. But Joe didn’t care. They had to return back home before they had planned. 

The next morning when mom went to wake the girls up she realized that Joe’s body was hot and her nose was all runny. She called dad immediately and rushed Joe to the doctor. The Doctor uncle had to give Joe an injection and also gave the medicines that she doesn’t like having at all. Joe couldn’t even have candy. 

When they came back home from the hospital, Joe was crying. Mom sat her down and told her to learn from her mistake.

‘Darling, it might happen that you don’t feel like you would want to, but sometimes what mom and dad say is right. We don’t want you to suffer. If Gia had taken off her jacket she would’ve also fell sick but she listened and you did not. You had to go through all of this. Always be obedient, my child, we’re only doing the best for you. ‘, said mom. 

Joe wiped her tear and hugged mom. ‘I’m so sorry mom, I won’t do it again’, she said. 

Photo Credit: Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

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