When I forged a signature on the report card???


This is my childhood story when I was in 6th std.
Our unit test had taken place and the results were being announced subject wise by the respective teacher. My performance in all other subjects was well but I was having a fear for my performance in Hindi subject as my paper didn’t go well.

Soon the results for Hindi subject were announced by our Hindi teacher. There was a shiver down my spine when I was handed over my answer sheet as I had secured only 1 out of 20.😥🥶

And what was more worst was that we were asked to get the signature of our parent on the answer sheet which was impossible for me.😭☹

Soon the school was over and on my way back home I just kept on thinking as to how to get my mom’s signature on the answer sheet. Because I was damn sure she would be very upset with my poor performance and that I would be getting a scolding from her.

Looking at the 1 mark secured on the answer sheet I just kept on scratching my head for the solution and all of a sudden a brilliant idea stuck in my mind….

You may think that the idea could be of forging her (mom) signature on the answer sheet… But na….I had something more than that…

I thought what if I write 9 after the 1 mark secured???? So that it would look that I have secured 19 out of 20 marks. I patted myself for the brilliant idea that I had got to save myself from the scoldings of my mom and thinking that she would be happy on seeing my high scored marks felt stress relieved….

So with great daring, I edited the marks scored to be 19 out of 20 and with a happy face took the answer sheet to my mom for her signature.

Upon seeing the marks, initially, she was very happy and praised me… But she soon turned the pages of the answer sheet to see how I had written the paper…
And she got a shock on seeing cross marks everywhere in the paper as all my answers were wrong…

She soon realised that I had edited the marks secured and lost her temper.
I got scoldings for my poor performance and was hit by her for this act of deceiving and falseness.

Later when she was calm she made me understand what I had done and how this could make me a bad person in the future. I too understood my fault and promised my mom not to ever repeat this mistake again and study wholeheartedly for the subject and achieve good performance in it.

Photo credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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