Kindness always brings kindness!!!


Once upon a time in a big wide jungle lived a lot of animals. All those animals in your little textbook. It was a happy place for all the animals that loved in there. Everybody was ready to help each other in times of need. The giraffes would help the elephants and the elephants would help the zebras with everything that they can. 

The lion was the king of the jungle. The only being that was arrogant. All the animals in the jungle were scared of the Lion King. He was ruthless and wasn’t merciful at all. He wouldn’t spare anyone that would trouble him. Within minutes the other animal was finished because of the lion king’s wrath. 

One evening the lion King was peacefully sleeping under a tree. It was a pleasant evening and the wind was softly blowing around lion King. In the jungle, they also lived a little mouse. The little was very troublesome. Mommy mouse was always scared for her, she even warned little mouse about the lion. Little mouse knew that one encounter with the lion King will end her life. 

Even after knowing all this, the little mouse decided to disobey mommy and went to play around the sleepy lion King. She was jumping up and down on the Lion King and was meddling with him while he was asleep. Soon the Lion King was awake because of the disturbance. Within a blink of an eye, the little mouse was in the hands of the Lion King. Trapped!! “Please leave me, lion King, I won’t do it again. I’m so sorry” Cried the little mice. The Lion King said ” Why should I leave you when you’re only trouble for me? I’ve got no reason not to eat you up. ”

To this little mice said “lion King, I promise to help you when you need it. I’ll do anything you’ll ask me too. “”

Ok, I’ll let you go this time. Make sure you don’t repeat it! “. The mice was set free and she swore that she wouldn’t ever mess with the king of the jungle again. A few days passed and the lion was sleeping under the tree again. Soon some hunters, very slyly entered the jungle. While the lion was asleep they tied him up to a tree. When he woke up, he couldn’t move. The hunters were busy with something else when, fortunately, the little mice passed by the area. She saw lion King trapped and scared. She thought to herself “Now is the time to help him and I will.” 

Little mice quickly ran to the Lion King and told him not to worry and that the Lion King is much more powerful than these men. After witnessing the situation, little mice started to nibble and gnaw the rope that was tied around lion King. Within minutes the lion King was out of the clench of the ropes. He was no more afraid and roared as loud as he could.

The hunters looked at the lion and started shivering. They quickly hopped back on their jeep and took off as fastly as they could. 

This is a true representation of being kind. When one is kind to the other, it comes back to them in all good ways. Kindness always brings kindness.

Photo credit: Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

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