Vacation is something that is meant for relaxation and gets together. For Veda, vacations have always been special, because her parents would take her on vacation occasionally. But when they did, they ensured that she gets her part. 

After her semester ended, they decided to go to Manali for a vacation for a few days. It was freezing cold in Manali, while the roads were packed with snow. But this is why people come to the north, for snow.

So thus began their quest to build a snowman. Veda urged to make a snowman of her size. Her father knew that it is quite difficult but gave in. Started in excitement, Veda’s mother now started feeling tired and sat on a bench nearby, while the father-daughter duo was working really hard to mold the snow. As time passed, Veda too, felt tired and gave up on the idea of building a snowman. 

They, while dining, bribed Veda of getting another toy, that can cheer her mood, and then they went to bed after the day’s work. 

The next morning, when Veda woke up and opened her windows, she saw a snowman waiting downstairs for her.

That moment was like a bolt of Euphoria for her. She came downstairs running at a full speed. Her father was standing next to the snowman. He opened his arms, as he felt that she is coming to hug him. Instead, Veda went running right into the snowman and thus fell the snowman on the ground, with Veda on top of it.

A moment of complete silence followed as Veda’s father thought, that she would start crying now. But Veda and her father looked at each other and started to laugh so loudly that Veda’s mother came out to check on them.

Veda, then laying on a pile of snow, started to do the butterfly movement and got lost in playing. 

And so I feel vacations are meant to be memorable, in a good way perpetually, and even if something gets screwed, staying together and enjoying that experience as well, is what makes a bond last, thereby making it special.

Photo credit : Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

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