Happy rainy day.


It was a humid day in the city and everybody was busy with their everyday tasks. Little Aman was stuck at home as the summer vacations were on. Daddy had worked so they couldn’t take a holiday out of the station. Initially, Aman was really sad about it but eventually, he understood that something is important than others.

With all his friends gone out of the station, Aman was left with nothing to do. He would sit ideally all day. Because he was a patient little guy, he did not trouble mummy and daddy but deep down inside he was very bored. He would go to the park in the evening but there were only a handful of kids so the game would end soon and then he was back home all by himself.

When he realized that he won’t be able to go and play with his friends.

He decided to make his toys, his friends. This turned out really well. He would play all day with his tiny toy friends and take care of them.

Mummy noticed that he wasn’t upset now and he was really enjoying. Both mummy and daddy were now free of the guilt of not being able to take their son on a vacation.

Everything was running nice and smooth. Aman used to be busy with his toys all day and would not trouble mummy or daddy at all. Until one day, when Aman’s remote control robot stopped working. He felt as if he’s lost a friend.

Mummy, daddy; they’ll get him a new one when they go to the mall.

But Aman knew, because of daddy’s work they won’t go to the mall anytime soon. He was back all by himself again. He had started to miss his friends and was now even troubling mummy. As much as mummy was getting irritated, she also knew that her son might be feeling really bored right now. She would put on his favorite movie but that also won’t work.

One morning, Aman woke up to the sound of thunder. He looked outside and it was raining. He loved the rain. It made him happy. He ran to mummy happily and said “look its raining mummy! I love it! “. Mummy thought of making Aman’s day fun.

Mummy held Aman’s hand and took him to his room. She got some spare paper sheets and taught Aman to make paper boats. They made a ton of boats. Once they were done making boats, mummy decided to go to the balcony and took Aman with her. Both of them were drenched. And guess what? They were loving it.  Daddy had put some music on and they were dancing and having so much fun under the rain. The little paper boats were floating around and Aman was beginning to feel like he is also having fun and not that he’s stuck at home and bored.

It was time to go back inside because no one wants the flu. Both mummy and Aman quickly changed into fresh clothes. The day wasn’t over yet. Mummy had a yummy surprise activity still waiting for Aman. She took him to the kitchen and asked him if he’ll help her cook a delicious meal. This was an offer Aman could not reject. Both of them started to make noodles and shakes and fries and everything that Aman likes.

All three of them sat by the window and enjoyed their food while watching the rain. It was a very simple day but truly a memorable one.

Indeed, we don’t always need to do big things to have fun. Small gestures also go a long way.

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