The little act of kindness.


Once upon a time, there was this little girl named Aayushi. She lived with her baby sister, mom, and dad. Being a mischievous child, she would always be up to something or the other. Because of her cuteness, she got away with everything.

Mom would teach her to be a good girl and tell her that if she stops troubling then she will be rewarded. Aayushi always listens to mom and understands. But that doesn’t last and Aayushi is back to her naughtiness again.

The summer vacation were over and it was time for Aayushi to go back to school. As much as she hated it she was excited to finally see her friends. The night before school mom and dad told Aayushi to be a good girl now and not cause troubles in the school. As always, Aayushi listened.

The next morning, the school bus was here and Aayushi hopped in it and went to school. She was happy to be back and was having a good time. The got even better for Aayushi as she met a girl in her class who was new to the school. Turns out she even lives in the same colony and uses the same bus. They made plans to meet up at the park in the evening.

School got over the kids got home. Aayushi ran to mom to tell her about her new friends. She was as excited as ever to go to the park and play with her.

Finally, it was the time to go to the park and Aayushi held mom’s hand and started to run. Both mom and Aayushi giggled. As they reached the park Priya and her mom were already there. Both kids met up and started playing, the mums sat somewhere else.

As Priya and Aayushi were playing they saw that there were two kids playing with bricks and stones and were wearing shabby clothes. Both the girls decided to go play with them and they actually had a good time. On their way back home they decided to give those kids some of there toys.

Next evening they hid a few toys and gave them to the kids. Both the kids got really happy, it was as if they’ve never owned anything like that. Priya and Aayushi decided they’ll do that again. And this act repeated the next and after that too.

Soon the mums started to notice that their toys and few of their clothes have started to go missing. When asked both the girls confessed to their actions.

The mums were surprised. They did not know how to react. They were happy about their daughter’s generous behaviour but we’re also sad that they hid it. Both the mums gently told their daughters that they should always be sensitive and caring towards people. There are a lot of people in the world that have less than what they do. It’s a good thing that they are ready to share it with people. What the girls needed to understand is that hiding things from their parents and elders is totally unacceptable no matter what.

Aayushi and Priya calmly apologized and promised their moms that they won’t do this ever without telling them. That evening both the girls and the two other kids were treated with ice cream and the day went amazing.

Photo credit: Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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