Love can not be Ranked


And again, Rema finished the race first, setting a new record for the longest jump. But when asked about her happiest moment in life, she recalls, she has two of them. The first time she broke the record and ever since, every record that has she broke. 

Holding up for the first time is a very special feeling, as they are memorable. But maybe we don’t do the same with people. Our first best friend may not remain that close to us ten years down the line, just because we meet new people. But we do regret that later because no one can replace our first best friend.

Childbirth is considered the happiest moment for parents and their loved ones, which should be, as you welcome a new member to the family. But what if that child is not the first. In this moment of mirth and excitement for the second child, understanding what the first child may think or go through, is equally important. 

What if the first child ends up hating the second child for taking all his thunder???

However, this can be avoided, if you take the first one into confidence and convince him that no matter who comes, your love for him will remain unparalleled. 

Also having a difference of at least 3-4 years between the two children is what is expected. This is important for the second child to be out of danger. But along with that, the year difference will make the first child more mature to understand what is happening.

A four-year kid can comprehend the fact that a new member is coming, however, a two-year kid will not, making it difficult for you to divide your attention. 

 It is obvious that the first child will feel left out, even if he doesn’t show it in his behaviour. And how you handle this moment, is crucial in deciding how the child will develop the feelings towards the second child.

So when planning for a second chance, do take your first kid into the conversation.

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