Learn from mistakes.


It was a nice bright day for little Shikha. Another morning for her to be up and ready for school. Mumma called her the cutest little girl on the whole planet.

She lived with her parents and Grandparents and was loved immensely by all 4 of them. Dadi would make her little snacks always and keep them ready for her. While papa would always bring home a bar of chocolate. She was so used to all the attention that she didn’t know a life without it.

But Shikha was not all that easy to deal with. She was a very difficult child and had a lot of tantrums. Not just at home but even at school. Everyone loved her a lot but they were worried about her behaviour.

As said earlier, Shikha was a difficult child. She wasn’t satisfied with anything. It was time to head out to school. Mommy made her favorite paranthas for breakfast, but it looked like Shikha was not in the mood for paranthas.

As soon as she saw her plate, she started yelling and screaming, “Mumma I want pancakes! I’m not eating this”.

Mumma got worried and told her ” But baby, don’t you love it? ”

Shikha replied, “I hate it, and if you keep making it I’ll hate you too! “.

Mumma got sad and gave her something else to eat.

This wasn’t it, the same day at school, Shikha fought with a classmate and pushed her in the field. The reason because of which she did that was because that poor child told Shikha that she doesn’t wanna play.

The teacher had called mummy and she said “ma’am, I’m sorry to say but your daughter has really started to pick fights with kids. It was fine till she wasn’t hurting. If this keeps happening then maybe Shikha will get compelled. ”

Mumma apologized on behalf of Shikha, but she was furious and decided to deal with her tantrums a little strictly. So, when Shikha came back home, Mumma sat her down and scolded her for her bad behavior. It looked like Shikha didn’t wanna understand and she started crying at the top of her lungs. Mumma couldn’t take it anymore and she left Shikha crying alone.

Dadi came and tried to console Shikha while also explaining to her that she did wrong. Shikha was being a total brat and misbehaved with dadi too.

She said ” I don’t need you! Stop bugging me”.

Dadi got sad and left.

Even when papa came back home she threw the chocolate away because she said she didn’t like the one he got. Shikha was really getting out of hands.

Dada was the one who used to quietly observe her behaviour, but he never said a word. When he saw that Shikha was being bad to everyone then he called her in his room and he said to her ” I’m trying to scold or yell at you, but I want you to understand something. You should know that you are blessed. You have a lot of things that many little kids in the world don’t have. Everything that you’re rejecting and pushing away is something someone is dreaming about.”

Shikha was listening carefully. She said ” Even those boring paranthas and not the best chocolates? ”

Dada said ” Yes my child, everything. When I was little I had very limited food. I only ate roti and veggies. I did not even have the option to say that I don’t wanna eat it. That was all my parents could get. You have such loving parents who always do the best for you. Growing up I didn’t even have grandparents.”

Shikha realized how wrong she was and she apologized. Dada said that it’s never late to be a better person. Start being good today. Just remember everything that you’re blessed with.  

Photo credit: Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

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