The price you pay for lying!!!


Since childhood children are told not to lie. But this is what happens with children. The more you tell them not to do something, the more they wait to do it.

They may not deliberately think that today I will lie. But there’s this worm in their mind, that forces them to lie to experience what happens next. But if no one’s aware that you have lied, you feel that, okay you can actually lie, and hide it at the same time.

Once you feel confident about lying, then this vicious cycle of lies begins and there’s no turning back. Indeed, then it becomes very important for parents to look into the matter.

And obviously I couldn’t ignore this worm as well. My mother is a person who likes to keep everything clean and at their place, no matter how much time it takes. For example,  all the used glasses on one side and unused ones on another. She brooms the house at least thrice a day. For someone who’s so much into neatness, I cannot imagine that there would have been anyway, that she could have forgiven me. 

So it was evening time, I had just returned from tuitions where I went to meet friends who I had just met in school. But also to give my mummy the satisfaction that her child is studying. When I returned from tuitions I was excited to go down and play after having sat for two hours for history and mathematics. I needed to go and play, in order to come to senses.

In the hurry to go down and play, I, by mistake put my used glass of water, in the matka of water that we had. Generally, it is expected to get a new glass, put that into the pot, and then pour the water from the new glass to the used. I, when did that, thought no one saw me and went down jolly to play.

After I came home, one and a half-hour later, my mother just casually asked whether I had used a new glass or not, when going down. I very confidently said, Yes of course.

Little did I know, that my mom had actually seen me use my used glass. My mother then revealed that she did see me use your own glass to put in the pot.

I felt then, that I am going to die. And indeed, I was close to it, as my mother started beating me for lying. I, being scared for life started to run around my house with my mom chasing me. After chasing for some time, she then called me to come near her.

I obviously didn’t agree to go near her. But her big eyes somewhat acted as a magnet, and the next moment I was sitting beside her. She then, very calmly asked why I did, what I did.

I honestly said that I was in a hurry to play and lazy to take another glass and do all the chore. She then explained why do we use another glass for the matka and gave clear instructions about what might happen, the next time I lie again. 

Since then, I have never dared to lie again. Also, after you gain some maturity, you understand the loop that you have to feed once you start lying. So it is always better, to be off the hook of lying.

Photo Credit: Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

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