My first best friend.


This is a story of when I was a baby. Yes, that’s when I made my first best friend when I was around a year old. I have grown up in a joint family. So my house was always full of people and full of love. Being a baby, I was always surrounded by someone or the other and was never left by myself. It was a very happy household, one where you won’t ever get bored.

We even had a dog, named Sheru. He was my best friend. My very first best friend. Sheru was a German Shepherd and was very friendly. He was the heart of the family as everyone loved him. Being a loyal dog, he would always be alert. Even though I was little, he used to always roam around me and stay near me. We sure did have some connections. Later on in my story, you’ll know how we became the best of friends.

So, it was a warm day in the season of excruciating winters. Dadi took me to the terrace so that I can absorb the sun a little bit. As they say, it’s healthy. My dear dadi, played with me and looked after me for while we were on the terrace. My dadi was a very caring lady and would do everything to make her grandchildren smile. While we were on the terrace, Sheru also came running he started playing with me.

Dadi had to go to the kitchen for some quick work so she left me with Sheru and went to the kitchen. It was safe on the terrace there was no chance for me to get hurt that’s why dadi thought it’s ok to leave me for a few minutes.

When dadi came down to the kitchen, she got so caught up that she forgot that I was alone with Sheru on the terrace. She started doing her work and got busy with it. Mummy thought that I’m with someone else and everybody thought the same. So nobody came to take me from the terrace.

It was 5:30 in the evening and it was time for papa to come home from work. As soon as he came, he asked for me. Mummy said I’m with my auntie and my auntie said I’m with my uncle. When papa went to my uncle he told him that I’m with my cousins. Papa went to check if I’m there, and I wasn’t there too. Dadi had gone to the neighbors and papa had started to panic. Mummy got so worried. Everyone was searching for me everywhere but I was not to be found. It was decided that we need to go to the police.

Right, when everyone was going to go to the police my cousin pointed out that Sheru is also missing. Everyone realized that Sheru was with me and the search began again.

There was a storeroom on the terrace and many times Sheru would come there, so mummy decided to check that. And there was I sleeping soundly, and Sheru was cuddling me because of how cold it was. Mummy wiped her tears and picked me up and gave Sheru a hug.

It was a huge relief for everyone and our love for Sheru grew even more. Thankfully neither I nor Sheru caught a cold. We were both healthy.

When dadi came back and got to know about it she got very sad and blamed herself about it. Everyone convinced her that it’s ok to make mistakes and there’s nothing to worry as Sheru had taken such good care of me. That day onwards Sheru had become an inseparable part of our lives.  

Photo credit : Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay

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