When I got lost…


It’s quite common to get lost in childhood when we don’t listen to parents and start enjoying our own world of naughtiness. Many of us must have experienced it. Often we are having a burst of a laugh while recollecting all those moments when someone elderly in the house tells us such incidences in the family gathering.

Here is one of such my story.

I was five years old when I went to the market with mom to purchase some groceries. While she was grabbing the groceries in the supermarket, my mother told me to hold on to her suit so that I would not get missed. I held it. I maintain holding on to it until my hand felt so itchy. Therefore, I released my hold to rub my hands.

In no time, I held the suit again.


Shortly I realized….

I got horrified!!!! Bit Nervous ! It was not my mom! She was a stranger.

I looked around, tried to find my mother, but I did not see her anywhere. I was so worried thinking that I could not go home independently. As an outcome, I cried and cried while running and peeping for my mother. Stranger lady was also following me, she wanted to help me.

Finally, somehow she managed to console me and took me to help desk nearby. Nobody was there. Luckily in some time, an information officer arrived. He inquired my name and supported me to find my mother through the loudspeaker.

Thank God, my mother came to the help desk after listening to the announcement. Initially, she was very mad at me, but seeing her I cried out so loudly that she hugged me tightly and took me home.

I am sure people will understand the panic and frustration that both a child and parent have to go through in this situation.

Parenting tip: Keep a small card with brief details of the name and contact number in your kid’s pocket while going out. Also in case, your kid is old enough to speak properly you can train him as to how to deal with this kind of situation.

You never know when these small tips will be helpful to you!!!!

Photo credit: Image by sulox32 from Pixabay

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