Fun you share, with the right pair


‘Sharing is caring’ is something that we have been hearing since childhood. But I think it is natural to feel insecure about things when you have to share them. For me, I think God wanted to inculcate this quality of sharing, right from the beginning. 

So I was born with a twin. This means, even if you want to, you cannot really ignore or stop, sharing. We have come into this world sharing the same womb. And if you have a twin, you have this special connection, because we are trained to think in a particular manner. Be it anything, it has to be shared among both of us, at least till the time we gain maturity enough to understand whether we need the thing or not. So I don’t think, I as a person ever felt that insecurity or jealousy over a thing, just because it had to be shared.

Speaking of others, we have heard many stories of younger siblings, about how they had to use their elder sibling’s uniforms or any other piece of cloth. But if you are a younger sibling, be honest, don’t all the younger siblings feel a kind of influence that attracts them to be more like the elder sibling. So using their clothes, even if we pester our parents, about why do they do this to us, we feel a bit grown-up when we put on their clothes.

As for the elder sibling, even they are made to learn to share, the time we are born. I think being an elder sibling is much difficult. You have to share everything, and at the same time, you are always expected to ‘understand’ in a situation, basically when you are fighting with your sibling. 

So when you start developing sharing as quality, since childhood, you, in the longer run, develop compassion, responsibility, and being human. 

Photo credit: Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

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