Guide to a healthy diet for kids


A balanced diet is as essential for kids as much as for adults to remain healthy and fit. Food habits that parents inculcate in their children early in life stay lifelong having a significant impact on their lifestyle later in life. If children pick up unhealthy eating habits while growing up it can stunt their growth and make them unfit. 

Tips for a healthy diet 

  • Parents are the decision-maker of what and when to provide their kids. Similarly, they are also the sole decision-maker of what to feed their kids. It is up to them to decide on the kind of foods and snacks along with their timings. Kids might sometimes be willing to get indulged in less nutritious foods but it is on the parents to encourage kids to adopt a healthy eating pattern. 
  • Sometimes parents believe that if kids don’t complete all the food served on their plate they are encouraging them to waste food. Some also believe that children don’t know how much to eat so they may also not know if they are full. Parents should let their kids stop eating when they wish to so that they know how much they should be eating. It also helps them in understanding their bodies better. 
  • Kids always copy their parents. To encourage kids to opt for healthy foods over unhealthy foods, parents should also adopt healthy eating patterns. This will give kids a push and make every parent’s job easy. 
  • Introduce kids to new foods quite often. Offering a range of variety can keep them interested. Food habits are developed at an early age so introduce them as many new foods as possible. Let them pick their foods so that they develop a taste. 
  • Limit their use of gadgets while eating. Eating without using any gadgets help kids concentrate on their food. Using gadgets can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and make kids gain weight. Adults should also avoid doing the same. It is recommended by dieticians worldwide to avoid the use of any gadgets on the table while eating. Parents can also use this time to interact with them.

Photo credit: Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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