Importance of Parenting as a joint task!!!!!


Having a normal family with a spouse and a kid is like sitting in a Rickshaw. Everyone prefers a Rickshaw since it’s so comfortable. You get to sit and still have space to do other activities.

The last two wheels are like the parents, while the one forward is the child. It’s like the child decides the direction, where the family is headed to.

Also if anyone of the wheel gets flat, the entire Rickshaw cannot move. It needs to be fixed so that they together can move ahead. But sometimes, one might not want to sit in a Rickshaw.

Relationships are hard to explain and measure. It’s like glass, you cannot see it, but one stone is thrown towards it, and it breaks like not mending again. Similarly, sometimes a family can be of just two people. For a single parent, managing everything is indeed difficult. And hence, I think, single-parent families are like bicycles. Not everyone likes a cycle because it takes efforts and dedication to have a balance and keep moving.

However, for a child, it is necessary to have the love and warmth of both the parents.

So I assume, that the other parent is like the sidewheels that the bicycles have. It does give hope of not falling and acts as support till the time we actually learn to ride a cycle.

Similarly, till the time, the child becomes mature enough to understand the dynamics of the relationship, both the parents have the responsibility to accompany him through life.

It is obvious that if the parents are separated, then the child is ought to incline towards one parent in the longer run. But understanding what the child wants and what can suit him, keeping aside personal egos can only contribute to kindling the child’s life.

Photo credit: Image by Stephanie Pratt from Pixabay

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