Fancy dress competition.


This story is of Zoya who’s a big girl now button the incident happened when she was about 8 years old.

It is a kind of incident that Zoya won’t ever be able to forget because of how this story has shaped Zoya into becoming the successful woman that she is now.

Not to forget, all the nostalgia that comes with the story. It just fills Zoya’s eyes with happy tears to talk about her oh so eventful childhood.

Zoya has been brought up in a family where the father figure was absent. She lived with her elderly Nani and her mother. Zoya’s mother was a single mother and was also working. She had very little time to spend with her daughter as she was always caught up with either work from office or other household chores. Even after being so busy she never failed to do her professional or family duties. Zoya’s mother played the role of the father as well as the mother amazingly.

This story goes back to when Zoya was in grade 3. Mumma would wake her up early in the morning to get her ready for school. Once ready both Mumma and Zoya used to eat the basic roti-sabzi breakfast and head for school and office respectively. That day Zoya was told at school that next week a fancy dress competition will be held and the one who dresses and, moreover, acts nicely will be the winner. When Zoya got to. Know about it, she got very excited as this was her first-ever fancy dress. She spent all day thinking about what she is going to be.

On her way back home she told Mumma about it and cannot keep her excitement in control. Mumma heard about it and worried. She would not have been able to afford such fancy dresses to make her daughter win. She did not even want to make Zoya sad about it.

When they reached home Mumma took out a kids saree that she had gotten for Zoya for a wedding. She draped it around her and told Zoya that you can be a “subziwali”. Zoya was confused, she thought that a ” Subziwali ” Won’t even get appreciation let alone prizes.

Mumma told her, “my child, it really doesn’t matter if you win or you lose. What matters is that you participated. Just do the part with all your heart and forget about the prize. You’re always a winner in my eyes”.

Zoya smiled and hugged Mumma and started to count days for the competition.

Finally, it was D-day. She got already. Mumma even gave her a basket filled with different vegetables. She learned a few lines and had practiced thoroughly. Soon, she was all ready to leave for school. As she entered her class she looked at her classmates dressed in costumes of tiger and barbie and panda. She felt a bit nervous but remembered what her mother told her and gained all the confidence back.

Now, it was showtime. Kids were on stage. When the judges were asking the kids to perform, most of them got shy and hid behind their teachers. There hardly any kid that presented properly.

When it was Zoya’s turn, she greeted the judges really nicely. When asked to perform, she did it loud and clear. She was so confident that the judges gave her a standing ovation.

All eyes were on her. Guess what?? She got the first prize. Everyone applauded her.

When Mumma came to pick her up, Zoya ran towards her with her medal. Mumma got so happy that she hugged Zoya and decided to get her a pizza for her achievement. But before all that, she looked Zoya in the eyes and told “just keep doing the same always, focus on the performance and the best awaits you.”

Photo credit: Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

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