Childhood memories


Everyone likes their childhood and hopes to go back there. It is remembering a lot of sweet recalls lies within it. During childhood, we don’t have a further burden and we all are enjoyed a lot with our siblings, friends, cousins, and other children. I have an incredible childhood and I never miss that wonderful day in my life.

Childhood memories are a gem to everyone, it is very difficult to forget about our beautiful memories during childhood. At that time we don’t know what is good and what is bad.

Most of us give meaning to our parent’s word and obey their instructions. After rising up we don’t care about parent’s messages, we must give prestige to our parents and elder words always.

I have a wonderful childhood. In my childhood days, I lived with my parents and siblings. I have an elder brother and having a lot of fun with them. In my childhood days, I played a lot with my siblings as well as cousins. We have an outstanding team and liked a lot with our team members. I never forget the happy childhood events in my life. I am thankful to god to give a happy childhood life to me.

I have a lot of disputes with my elder brother, but we forget about all our conflicts ASAP. We never give significance to this kind of silly fights and enjoy a lot with fighting too. I am a very bad girl and do a lot of terrible activities in my childhood. Mainly my brother trapped for all my mistakes, finally, I agree with my mistake and ask a lot of sorry to my parents as well as brother. Also, we went picnics and enjoy a lot during our childhood days. Childhood memories are really heaven on this earth.

We played with a lot of gadgets during our childhood. Children always have a lot of craze with their toys. I have the cutest dog in my childhood and it is my favourite. I had not to share it with anyone during my childhood. As I am the only daughter to my parents, so there is no necessity to share it. Now my son’s using the same toy for their playings. I have 2 sons and they are quarreling a lot to play with my favourite toy.

We have a lot of silly activities in our childhood. I too have some entertainment activity in my childhood.

Once I went shopping with my mother, at that time I was a 5-year girl and very much fond of the balloon. I saw a cute balloon in the shopping mall and asked my mother to buy it for me, but my mother rejects to do so. I am very much disheartened by her activity and took off near to the balloon without her awareness. The balloon was very large, it has the capacity to hide little kids if they are on the behind of it. I went behind the balloon to hide without the knowledge of my mother. She checked out me throughout the mall and got frightened without finding me. At last, a vendor in the shop caught me and gave over me to my mother.

The shop keeper blessed me with the balloon for my funny activity. My mother remembers this funny activity until today.

Photo credit : Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

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