Healthy food habits in childhood


Today’s story is based upon a little boy named Rishi. Rishi is an 8 years old cute and chubby baby.

Dadi and dada loved Rishi to bits and we can definitely say that the two had been spoiling Rishi with gifts and load and loads of junk food whenever they came to visit. 

Mumma and daddy used to worry about this. They didn’t want Rishi to get used to the unhealthy eating habits. He was already a little overweight. They did not want their dear son to fall sick and suffer. Mumma and daddy always sat rishi down and told him how eating healthy is a good habit. He would listen and it would look like he’s understanding but shortly after he was seen munching over the snacks Dadi left for him. 

Next time when Dadi came to visit, mummy called her up and asked her to not get junk food for Rishi but Dadi said, “But Rishi is our little grandson, he’s the Apple of our eye. Don’t worry, he won’t get sick. I’ll bring some for you too and you’ll also get addicted, haha. “

It was as if, Rishi would never learn the importance of healthy eating. After Dadi and Dada were gone, Mumma and Daddy took Rishi’s snacks and told him that they’ll give it to him when they feel it’s ok for him to have.

Rishi cried ” This is not fair!! I want my snacks. I won’t eat greens!! Give me my snacks!! ” But nothing worked, Mumma hid it in the highest shelf where Rishi couldn’t reach. 

One afternoon, Mumma and daddy were taking a nap. Before going to bed, they had also put Rishi to sleep. When the little one realized that everyone is asleep, Rishi, very quietly came to the kitchen, took a stool in order to reach the shelf, and collected all the snacks. He got off from the stool, sat on the floor, and started eating. By accident, he dropped a plate. To the sound of the breaking plate came Mumma and Daddy running and mischievous Rishi was caught red-handed. They were both furious and mummy decided to give away all his snacks to, their maid, Renu aunty. Little rishi was scolded and punished. 

The next morning Rishi woke up with severe stomach ache. Mummy and daddy rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that because of overeating and consuming junk food Rishi had gotten food poisoning. He had to be admitted and he was also given a few injections. Rishi hated being sick and regretted his actions.

Mumma told Rishi that this was what she was preventing but now that it has happened she’s gonna take full care of him, in return, rishi would have to eat greens and healthy stuff that Mumma and daddy give him. 

Parenting Tip: Inculcate healthy eating habits in your child from the very beginning. With mutual understanding with grandparents and your partner, over pampering can always be avoided for the benefit of the child. You can tell that they surely can pamper their grandchild but not at the cost of the child getting spoiled. This way both the grandparents can enjoy their pampering and the child would also not get spoiled.

Photo credit: Image by Алеся Фартушняк from Pixabay

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