Har ek friend jaruri hota hai


Making friends is an art that is not something, all possess. Walking to a stranger and asking whether you would like to be my friend, takes courage.

Come on, most of the time, our ego comes in the middle that stops us from asking someone from being our friend. Or maybe we feel we are not confident enough or doubtful of whether the person will accept us as their friend and we end up giving it a tag of ego. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether it was your ego or hesitance, what matters is that whether you have a friend or not.

Some people think that it is not necessary to have a lot of friends, which can true for some. But it is impossible to be living alone.

We have to have at least one true friend. But a true friend doesn’t just show up at your door one day. For that, you have to make mistakes in making friends that indeed makes us realize the value of a true friend.

And for that, it is necessary to Kindle among children, the habit of communicating. That doesn’t mean that you go talk to every other person. But when you see a person with similar hobbies or similar interests, maybe you can try to start a conversation. Starting a conversation is half the battle won. Because when you’re talking to someone, even if you know that this is not the company you would like, you just don’t walk past that person, out of humanity. 

So to motivate your children, you can send them to other classes, of course considering their interest, wherein they get the opportunity to be exposed among a group of people who share what they like since sharing is an integral part of friendships.

And if nothing works, maybe these overhyped Bollywood songs about friendships will do their magic, because sometimes the emotions are indeed real.

Photo credit: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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