Childhood is a fun phase, don’t make it a rat race.


Competition is a part and parcel of life, they say, which is true, once you yourself start to experience one. You then have the option of either getting into the rat race or not.

But it is not something that children should be aware of. They are naive and their entire life is standing there for competitions, but childhood is to make memories that can be cherished when you grow up and are stuck in that rat race.

So how can we keep our children away from this vicious circle? By not forcing them into getting something that they don’t like.

Obviously being their parents, you know what is good for your child, but burdening their shoulders to excel in everything is a false expectation, which is bound to be broken.

Also comparing our child to someone who is doing well in something else and forcing our child to do the same, can either have a positive effect or negative effect. The positive effect being that if they do succeed in that, they add a feather in their cap, but if they don’t, a feeling of low self-esteem, good-for-nothing kind of feeling is also bound to Kindle in them. 

Recently I heard that a girl named Jiya made a huge scene in her school. Later when found, it was actually her mother who did the ruckus and fought with the principal of the school. The reason for this drama was that her child did not get first prize in all the competitions that were held during their annual fun and fair. I was amused by this story and assumed that Jiya received no prize at all. But the truth was that she did receive four prizes out of seven and yet her mother couldn’t find happiness in that.

This story did make me think that, Is competitiveness taking over being contentment? And I think it surely is. I don’t see anyone happy anymore with anything that they have achieved in life. They are always longing for more.

As I said, competition is a vicious circle and we are bound to get into it in some way or another, then why to destroy our childhood for something that is inevitable.

Photo credit : Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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