How to keep your kids motivated amidst the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything around making us look at the world differently. Everything has come to a stop and all outdoor and indoor activities have been seized since March. Amidst the other activities, all educational institutions have been closed since March with no further idea on how to resume and most importantly, when.

All educational institutions have jumped to various online mediums trying to continue regular classes and coming up with new ways to cope with the ‘new normal’. With no outdoor activities, kids are spending several hours on gadgets which is making them lethargic. This period is extremely harsh on kids as all their activities have been seized making them stay inside close doors with limited options. Here are some tips to keep your kids motivated:

  • Involve them in new activities 

Encourage your kids to try something new. This will help them be engaged while learning new things and broadening their vision. Introduce them to music, dance, cooking, baking, or encourage them to learn a new language. This will help them develop new skills and not make them inactive. 

  • Set their schedule 

When all activities have come to a standstill it is very important for parents to keep their kids tied up in a schedule. Setting a schedule will make them more active and energetic. Kids need to be involved in activities considering the situation now or they might end up picking unhealthy habits that can last a lifetime. 

  • Do an activity together 

Doing something together can help you stay connected with your kids. While some parents might be busy with work, it is important that you must take some time off and do a fun activity together. You can bake together, play a board game, or even learn a musical instrument together. This will help you bond with your kids and also help you relax. 

Photo credit: Image by Trevor McNally from Pixabay

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