Money is finite, human relations aren’t


Experience is the greatest teacher, is what I believe in. And we can have these different experiences, only when we are put into alien situations. So basically situations are what help us in deciding and knowing ourselves better.

The reaction that we stimulate defines our principles. Similarly, when we want to develop a sense of equanimity in our children towards rich and poor, we have to first put them into situations where they experience the difference in behavior catered to both. Once they understand the difference, it is necessary to see how they respond to it. 

The common misconception of people that, children from the rich family background are ought to have rich values and the exact opposite about poor children, has to be first,  put an end to. And this shall begin only when we cultivate a common feeling towards both the classes. The fact that both the classes are different, cannot be denied, but how do we deal with them both, can surely be defined. 

A naive kid doesn’t look what others have in their Tiffin, to make friends, but whether that is willing to share what they have. The common drop of the face when parents realize that their child’s friend belongs to a chawl, is something that has to be stopped. It’s like judging a book by its cover. When we teach our children these enlightening proverbs, make sure that they implement them, rather we do, which brings me to another proverb that you may have taught to your child, practice what you preach.

It’s we who have consciously made an effort to make the child understand that economic backgrounds have nothing to do with what is a person is. A person is not made up of his rich economy but by his rich thoughts. Set this straight for your child, and you will never face a problem in making him understand it twice. 

Photo credit: Image by jackiebourne from Pixabay

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