Little girl Sophia


The story for today is about this little girl Sophia who was lived with her mom and dad and was extremely lovable. She was just 4 years old but was a very sweet girl. Everyone that saw and met her couldn’t stop noticing her little gestures. It was even more astonishing because she was 4. Just 4! And such nice gestures and acts shown by her were mind-blowing.

So here, we will talk about the two gestures that Sophia showed. These gestures made mom and dad very happy and proud of their daughter. So here we go.

Sophia, as already mentioned, was a very sweet and mannered girl. She didn’t trouble mom at all and happily went to school. Every morning she woke up early and got dressed while Ram ji Uncle used to drive her to school. She would go to the car and greet him. They would talk on their way to school and Sophia loved all the stories that he used to tell her.

One day on her way back from school, Ram ji Uncle told Sophia that his family is coming here in the city. Sophia listened carefully. He told her that he has two little kids around the age of Sophia, and those kids will be going to school in the city. Sophia got so excited to finally have someone to play with at home. Ram ji uncle’s family was going to stay in one portion of Sophia’s house itself. On knowing this, Sophia couldn’t keep jumping from happiness. She reached home, took Ram ji uncle and ran to meet everyone. And there they were, chotu and golu, Ramji uncles kids. She instantly started playing with them and mom had to come grab her to get changed and fed. She spent the whole day playing with them.

The next day, she got to know that they were admitted to a school. She was happy for them. At dinner she heard mom and dad talk about them, they said that it will be very hard for Ram ji uncle to bear the expenses as there was going to be a lot of books and things to buy. She quickly finished her dinner and took all her unused notebooks and stationaries to chotu and golu and gave them as gift. Mom was so astonished and happy about Her daughter’s manners.

Another thing that Sophia did that was commendable was that every time she visited her friends or cousins, she had to take something as a gift for them. She would get a bar of chocolate, some stationary, or just something for them.

Once mom and Sophia were going to meet her uncle. Sophia sat on her bed thinking, ‘I’m out of chocolates and I gave all my stationery to chotu and golu, what should I take? ‘

Suddenly a smile appeared on her face and she said, ‘I still have something, I can take my favorite pair of socks for my cousin, they’re warm and soft and they have pineapples on it! ‘. Sophia wrapped it somehow and took it with her. She didn’t show what was in it, even to her mom. When they reached there and the gift was unwrapped everybody laughed out loud and couldn’t help but praise her for her behavior.

So this was the story of the little girl Sophia, she was kind and generous. We should all be well mannered and help anyone that needs it.

Photo credit: Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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