My mother didn’t care.


I think the safest place is where your parents are, probably in their arms. That warmth you receive is solitary and surreal. But as you grow up, it is necessary to loosen these arms and let the child soar.

Some may take it, as their parents don’t care about them, while others will understand. Well, I fell in the former category. I failed to comprehend why my parents are doing, what they were doing. 

It is the time when I was in my ninth grade and had joined a tuition class for two years, for preparing for Board exams. Similarly, my friend did as well. Every day, she, along with her mother, used to come to drop her off, in case anything happens to her. She was their only child. I used to feel very angry about the fact that, her mother cares for so much, while mine doesn’t even bother to ask how I was going. So I and mother did have fights and silent days between us, because of this factor, mainly being, that I was jealous of my friend. To comfort me, my mother used to say that I am a working woman, so how can I come. But so was my friend’s mother. In fact, on days when her mother couldn’t come, her father used to come willingly, to drop his daughter. 

This continued for around two years, our ninth and tenth grade. Along this time, even I didn’t bother to pester my mother again on this topic and gave up. I came to terms, with the fact that maybe there are some parents who may not be that caring.

But after our Board exams, when schooling was over, and it was time to go to college, I heard that my friend couldn’t go to college, which is in the city, even after scoring great marks, just because she had no idea about how to travel there every day. In fact, she had no confidence to go around, alone.

This was the first when it hit me, that maybe my mother was preparing me for this, from a long time, To stand on my own feet, without any support of my parents, To understand the world on my own terms.

I now looked at it as freedom, that I had received way before anyone of my classmates even thought of getting. Though I misunderstood my mother’s intentions, I just hope, that you don’t, and use this freedom wisely.

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