How to deal with your under 10-year-olds during the Corona times.


With their own work and career-related stress, what parents today have to face is the temper tantrums and constant boredom of their kids. All of these behaviours are truly justified if you really look at it. It’s way harder for the little ones to stay indoors, trapped. On top of that, they’re too young to understand what actually is going around in the world. Many children today are facing a number of problems because of the imposed lockdown.

What they’re missing is the playfulness and spontaneity of the older and better times. This will result in making the kids hopeless and lazy. Another big change that came about during the lockdown days is the introduction of the online education system. To be very honest, not just the kids but also the parents have found this system a little absurd and overwhelming. The child is supposed to sit in front of a screen and also has to pay attention to. Unlike the offline mode of education where kids learned with their friends and had fun. Online education has a missing element of friendly interactions. The increased screen time is also affecting a child’s pattern. Also, the tutors and the teacher have also been facing problems in taking such classes.

The nationwide lockdown imposes by the state in order to prevent the spread of the virus has definitely taken a toll on kid’s mental, physical and psycho-social well being. In a survey, most of the parents reported that their children have grown agitated and anxious during the lockdown.

In this article, you’ll be able to grasp some tips to deal with your kids and how to make this hard time a little easy, both, on you and the little one. The coping mechanisms different from each parent but here are some tips you can learn from.

Give them apt information.
Children are naive and uninformed. If your little one is a curious crow then don’t back off from informing them of the current situation of the world they live in. Tell them about the virus and its precautions. Make them understand how they’re saving lives just by staying home. But keep in mind, give them apt information. Don’t tell them a lot otherwise they may get scared and worried. This will only lead to added stress and even more complex behaviour.

Bond with family.
Most of the parents of this generation have grown up in a joint family. In such families, there is a high level of interaction with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Even though you are not in a joint family currently, tell the kids about their relatives and make them interact and have a fun time with all of them. Teach them the value of family and how important it is. This will also bring them closer to people that matter to you and will oy help in learning.

Get them close to nature.
Kids learn the fastest. Tell them about nature. The sun, seas, and tress. They will be so excited and open to such knowledge. Encourage your kid to spend time in the garden, in the lap of nature. If you don’t have a garden, get them a flower pot with a sapling and give them the task of taking care of it. You will be amazed to see how engaged your child is going to be.

Exercise with them.
Because of not being able to step out the kids are lacking the number of physical activities like before. Those activities are very important for them and keep them happy and healthy. In order to entertain and also engage your child, pick a time out of the day where you and they both do some yoga or any kind of exercise. Your involvement will light their faces up. You can even turn some music on and dance it out with the little one.

Give them your time.
Even during the work from home times, that keeps you busy beyond the 9-5 hours, try to give your child as much time as you can. Make sure there is a good amount of interaction about any and everything they come up with. Little cuddle and snuggle sessions will also help the kids to feel safe and sound. Just wrap them around your arms and just let them be.
Happy quarantining!!

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