Do children have a diet???


The school bell rang and it was time for a lunch break. All the students were very ecstatic about having their Tiffin. But Ravi wasn’t much excited.

A group of friends sat in a circle, just like they used to sit at home, and opened their Tiffins. Someone had brought Idli, while some had Sandwich, and others had Pasta, Dosa, and Upma. They started to eat their tiffin and passed it to the next. In this whole motion, there was a tiffin missing, it was of Ravi. In a group of six, five tiffins were being passed.

Initially, no one noticed, but then, Rahul anonymously asked,”Where is one more tiffin?”After hearing this, Ravi got up and went into the class. As all were very hungry, they didn’t bother to go after him.

After the school ended, Rahul asked Ravi “Why did he not bring his tiffin?”

To which Ravi told, “I had brought my tiffin, but felt guilty of not bringing something good to eat.” To this, Rahul laughed so hard that everyone on the road started to look at them.

He made Ravi understand, “Its okay to not bring something special every day. Our mothers make it, so we bring it. But we would always love to eat your Roti Bhajji since it is your tiffin.” This brought Ravi relief, and they walked towards their home happily.

In this entire story, I was the Ravi that I’m sure you all, somewhere related to. We all had a friend whose parents would allow him to eat whatever he wanted, while we had to ask for permission even when we ate once in a while. Of course, it is difficult, as a child to understand the concern that the parents face, in order to keep their children away from all sorts of diseases that follow, from eating outside. Having said that, I think, many of the times, parents just relinquish on the idea of healthy eating, because of the constant melancholy of their children.

But this is where they go wrong. I remember me crying in front of my mother for allowing me to eat outside, but she never did. And now when I look back, I feel thankful to her, for not allowing me to do what I felt like doing. Adhering to the principles of healthy eating is the first step in building a healthy lifestyle. It indeed is difficult to see your child cry and bang doors, just for mere fast food, but we never know, how this will turn out to be. Eating outside once in a month is completely acceptable, but making it a habit may surely cost you your life.

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