Lockdown: Children and New normal.


Since the government of Maharashtra has allowed us to go outside for walks, I and my mother have made it a routine to go for an hour of walk every day. It really helps in maintaining health and feels refreshing. So like usual, today, while we were sitting on a bench, after returning to our society from walking. We saw a neighbour of our walking in the society premises. Today, she had also brought her daughter along with her for a walk. 

So when we started to converse, she revealed something, that indeed struck me by surprise. She told us how her daughter was crying, for not coming down and how she had to blackmail her, so her daughter would come down. After hearing this, it struck me that indeed, in our routine walks outside, we had never come across any kid. Our neighbour told us how her daughter had the fear, that if she goes down, she will get the virus, and eventually lead to something serious. 

In these times of difficulty, when we are talking about how to keep calm and adapt to the new normal, very few have actually discussed how children should deal with this obscure environment. Apart from talking about how difficult it is for children to study and attend online classes, it is also important to discuss how to handle them, after the classes are done.

Parents, being busy with household chores and work from home, should also pay attention to their child’s activities throughout the day. Of course, going out and playing, is not an option, but at least doing some kind of physical exercises like cycling or dance classes at home, will also benefit the children. This is their age to develop such skills.

Kids always require a company to carry out activities. And in such times, they wouldn’t get a better companion than you.  So buckle up your belts and tie your shoelaces, and go have some fun with your kids, by becoming their new best friend.

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