AND I walked a mile..


‘Time and Tide waits for no man’, is a common proverb that people refer to, in their daily lives.

Parents use it when they want their children to study during exams, and that if they don’t do it now, they won’t get another chance. But I think, just considering the ‘time’ aspect is it not correct. The right moment to diverge all your efforts, to achieve the right thing, is what actually matters. So studying the whole year through, or just before exams, that is, choosing the right time to focus your efforts, will only render you good marks. 

Some people think that money is the final success. And to get there, you need to use time and effort effectively. But it is important to understand, that even after getting the money, it is important to sustain it. Then be it at the start or end of the maneuver. The other angel to this theory could be, to put effort and money wisely, so as to spend the rest of your time, relaxed. Then it is up to you, which option of the theory you would want to go with. Whichever it may be, saving, or rather spending wisely, is what is of paramount importance.

How I learned this lesson, again is a funny story. Though I did feel sad then, now it feels good to have learned this lesson early.

I remember I was in second grade and used to go to tuition after school, which was around a mile away from our house. Our tuition used to be at three in the afternoon and the road to reach there was sloped. Initially we, my elder sister, and I used to go by a rickshaw. But later on, a conversation about buying a car started at my house. I got super excited. But then realized, that it is going to take some time, to buy a car, as we didn’t have much money then. This indeed made me realise that money is an important factor and had to be saved to fulfill our dreams. So, in this tiny brain of mine, I started to think that, if I don’t go to my tuition by a rickshaw, but walking, maybe I could help my parents get the car much faster. So, in the scorching heat of the afternoon, me and my sister used to walk up the slope, just in the hope of achieving something. Indeed I had to put in efforts, to get what I wanted. And that was the only time to do what I could, in every possible way. 

It then became our routine, and eventually walking up the slope didn’t feel tiring. After two years, my parents bought a car. By that time I had actually forgotten, why I started walking in the first place. Although my saving money, by not using a rickshaw, didn’t help them much, in getting in the car, it surely helped me in comprehending the fact, that every passing moment is the past, and how you want to spend it, is only in your hands. So next time, think before you pamper your kids too much.

Sometimes not giving in, can also help them in understanding the importance of something, that they never had imagined. 

Photo credit: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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