Raksha Bandhan special.

Raksha Bandhan

Although people say that Raksha Bandhan is a festival of love and promise, and commitment of brother protecting a sister, what girls actually care about in their childhood, is the gifts. 

This couldn’t be false for me as well. 

I remember, in our school, the teacher announced, “Since tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan, come well dressed. Also, we will be celebrating it here.”

So the next day, all girls and boys came well dressed, everyone excited to know who their partner would be. 

Then according to Roll No.s, all the girls were partnered with a boy who was supposedly our brother for that day. 

Religiously all the boys were made to sit, while the girls tied Rakhis on their wrist. There was chaos in the room as girls discussed whose Rakhi is better.

After tying Rakhi, when I saw around, all the girls were smiling and were happy as everyone had received a gift from their brother. But I did not. What I received was just a smile or probably that boy did take the vow of protecting me way too seriously. But by the time I could realise that I didn’t receive any gift, the class was dismissed. But as I said, in Raksha Bandhan, girls mostly care about their gifts. So as the other girls were boasting their gifts, I just sat on my bench looking at their gifts. Since I knew, he cannot arrange a gift now, I did what I felt right. Since he didn’t give me a gift, why should I give him my Rakhi! So I just went over to that boy and took my Rakhi back from him.

Although this incident now makes me laugh, as a child I felt so angry for that boy. Indeed now I know the importance of purity of this relationship, as a child all that mattered was how many gifts I was getting. Although that boy, who later became my good friend never mentioned this incident, I’m pretty sure I did make him embarrass then.

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