Childhood favorite storybooks


I’m pretty sure, all of us reading this have grown up reading a lot of storybooks in our childhood. If not reading it then we’ve surely had our parents and elders narrate it to us. Whenever we would sit around our friends and cousins we would always talk about the stories we heard last night. It was as if Cinderella and Snow White were not fictional characters but one amongst us.

The stories had an impact on our parents too. How they chose to mold us. A number of times in a day were we given examples of the mischief that the characters did. If not that we were reminded how obedient they were.

However, in the 21st century, the kids are not really into stories. Because of the introduction and evolution of technology, kids nowadays are hooked on to their iPads kids and TV screens. Their concentration span has deteriorated and there’s a rise in temper tantrums. Earlier when we used to sleep to the sound of our parents telling us a story, they sleep to the sound of sleeping music available on the net.

Let’s break the pattern and bring our kids up the way we were brought up. After all we turned out absolutely fine, and with much better communication skills and sensitivity than our children today. Make a promise today to yourself and pick a story from down below and read is to your kids.

1) Little red riding Hood.
The origin of this story can be traced back to the 10th century and is a beautiful European folk tale. It came out in the 1960s and has been loved by kids all over the globe ever since. Tho there are many versions of the same the best one is known to be brought about by Charles Perrault.

The story is about a girl called little red riding hood who was asked by her mom to take some food for her sick grandmother. On reaching to her grandmother’s place what she finds is shocking. Find out what it is with the little one and have a fun time.

2) The ugly duckling
This is one of the fines of literary tales for kids. Well not just kids, it has a lesson for everyone. First published on 11 November 1843, the tale has been in the market ever since and still loved and adored as dearly as day one. Written by Hans Christian Andersen, it is one of the must-reads.

The story beautifully teaches us how to not judge one by their appearance but what they actually are at heart. We should all make peace with ourselves and let our fate lead the way.

3) Aladdin
One of the most loved and hyped tales of all times, Aladdin still remains the most exciting amongst kids. It is a folk tale believed to be originated in the Middle East, came out in the market in the late 1970s. Even in the present days, there are series and shows being made based on the character of Aladdin.

The story is a fictional tale of how a boy of streets meets a beautiful princess. Not just that but goes on to find an oil lamp with a genie in it that can make wishes come true.

It’s not just the little one, but also you, who’s going to get lost in the world of Aladdin.

4) Beauty and the beast.
Written by a French novelist, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, beauty and the beast is a beautiful fairy tale that was published in the year 1740.

The story is about how arrogance makes a young prince fall under a wicked spell that messes things up. The prince turns into a scary-looking beast. This makes him finally realize that he needs to love in order to be loved. The moral of the story is still relevant and is indeed true, that is, to love to be loved.

5) How I taught my grandmother to read.
Sudha Murty, an Indian writer, did an extremely gorgeous task of writing this short story. What many don’t know is that this is not a fictional story but a rather true one. In 2004, the story got published by Penguin Books and is being read by kids throughout. It is even taught in school and that wonderful.

As the name suggests, the story is based on how Sudha Murty, the granddaughter, helped her grandmother, who had never seen the face of the school, to read. The roles were reversed here and played beautifully. Not just kids but we as adults should read this story and learn from it.

6) Goldilocks and the three bears.
Well, this one is personally our favourite. It is a British fairy tale that Originated in the 19th century. Though there are several versions of the tale, the authentic one tells us a story of an ill mannered woman breaks into the home of three young bears. All this happens when the bears are away.  It teaches kids to not be selfish and think twice before doing something wrong.

These were a few suggestions that will keep your kid engaged and off from gadgets. Well, not just that, reading this to your little one will also flood you with nostalgia from the best days of your life. These classic tales can never get old and you can’t ever get enough.  

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