Love yourself


The story that we are going to read about today is a story of a little girl who is not so little anymore. Her name is Simran. This story is of when she was little and was in school. 

Simran belonged to a small town in northern India and had grown up in middle-class surroundings. Her parents might not have been able to give her the fancy toys and the nicest dress but they sure did love Simran more than anything in the world. They were proud of their girl and never stopped her from excelling herself. 

Being the topper of her class, Simran was well-reputed in the school and all the teachers liked her. She was even the monitor of her class and she always gave the best she could. Simran would study day and night to achieve good grades. Not just that she was also acing the co-curricular activities. She was like the perfect school child. Having said all of this, deep down inside Simran was very embarrassed about her background. She didn’t like it that her parents were not as fancy and modern as other kids. This feeling her caused a lot of inferiority complex and because of this, she used to study and work hard so that she finally has something to boast about. One day it was the PTM(Parents teachers meeting) and Simran had no option but to take her mother to it. She knew she wouldn’t get any complaints still she was very annoyed and disturbed that day.

It was all because of one simple reason. Simran was ashamed of taking her mother to her school as she used to wear a saree and top it up with a bindi. Other moms attended the meetings in jeans and suits, and Simran wished her life to be like that. 

Moms are moms after all, and she figured out the reason behind Simran’s distressed and told her that if you love yourself then everyone else will also love and accept you.

But Simran was not at all happy and slammed the door and went to her room. Soon after this incident, the principal told Simran that she has been chosen to go for a student exchange to the UK and she wouldn’t have to pay beyond her normal school fees. Both her parents were delighted as it was the first time someone from their family was going to go on a flight and to another nation. 

When she arrived in her hostel room, the very first thing she did was to put her family picture on her study table because as much as she would want to change things, she loved her family too much. Days passed and she made friends, her roommates really started to like how unique Simran was. When they came across Simran’s family picture, they really liked how sober her family was and adored the way Simran’s mother was dressed in a saree. They kept on asking things about her and she used to get tired answering all the questions.

She realized what she wanted to change is becoming something that is making her stand out. She started to appreciate her family and decided to never take it for granted. 

After coming back home she hugged her parents and apologized to them for her behavior. Today Simran is a motivational speaker and teaches people to love what they have because someone else is dying for the thing you’re crying about.  

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