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What are Tantrums? They basically desire that people put forward. Then it is up to you, whether to fulfill those or not. As long as you continue to fulfill these desires, the chain of desires will never stop. Obviously, human greed is unstoppable!

All tantrums must not be agreed to. But we get it when we ourselves have to shell out money for what we want. Not when we’re children and have the privilege of asking anything to our parents. So what can parents do, to keep the tantrums of children in the limit?

What I can tell from my experience is that developing a habit of saying NO sometimes, to somethings, that children ask for, can surely help. Of course, it hurts to not fulfill, or give our children what they want. Since this is the only time, when they ask something from you, and you as parents, are bound to satisfy them. Once they grow up, you may regret of not allowing your child to do or give a particular thing. 

But in spite of these feelings, always remember that anything too much is always harmful. Similarly, agreeing to all your child’s wishes will neither make him accustomed to accepting NO, nor will make him realize the importance of money and efforts that go behind earning them. 

No matter what, teaching your children the significance of earning something, is of paramount importance. Nothing comes for free, then be it any materialistic thing like a car or respect, for that matter.

Children may demand something by the influence of their peers, but whether they really need it or not, is something that you should decide as a parent. Make children understand, that when they ask for something, do they really think that they are grown enough, to earn that. If they think yes, then do as they say, as inner voice never lies, and eventually they will come around and think twice before asking anything. Infact they may even crush the idea beforehand, as they will understand, that NOW, is not the time. 

Photo credit: Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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