Disrespect only leads to doom.


I have heard some parents say, “My child scolds me, and back answers me, but they are still very well mannered, as they don’t do it with people outside our house.”

But do you really think, that kids who fail to respect their own parents, will even consider respecting others?

And anyway, it all starts at home. Just like we say, ‘Charity begins at home’, similarly every aspect of your child’s behaviour, is somewhat developed at home. A home is definitely a safe place for children. So they assume, by their behaviour at home, how exactly are they supposed to behave outside. And if you let go of their mistakes once, it then happens in iteration and you are not able to stop them from this.

So it is very important to teach them what is right and what is wrong at the very beginning. It doesn’t always have to be by beating the child or even scolding for that matter. But just by making them understand their mistake in the first place, will hence not lead to the development of a disrespectful child. 

I agree that elders may not always be right. They can fail in understanding the situation, and interpret this. But when kids are trying to make the elder person understand, that their point is right, are they supposed to forget that they are still elders?

Instead of making the elderly person understand why, what he thinks is wrong, I have seen kids emphasizing on the fact, that how they are correct, and that they do have their intelligence and whatnot. But how you put forward your point, is equally important. Kids have this notion, that the one who makes most noise while making a point, is indeed right. So they don’t see whether it is their friend or an old person, they just shout, until their point is made. 

So by making your child understand, that respect is like a two-way process, ‘one who gives respect, begets respect’, you will be successful in contributing to the development of a better society.

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