Ever since Bollywood has started to make movies on family drama, and how joint families are a symbol of togetherness with films like ‘Hum Apke Hain Kon’, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ and many more, they unknowingly have developed a notion, wherein grandparents seem to be always excited about their grandchildren, reading them stories and helping them defend against their parents. But does this really happen in real life?

I mean, of course, grandparents love and care for their grandchildren, but taking the responsibility of growing them, is not something that every grandparent, may wish for. Come on, they have grown their children, with the hope of making them capable enough, to take care of their children. 

I see many grandparents walking their grandchildren in the garden, every evening. It feels like, that is their duty. Sometimes I see, that they are really pissed, either by putting the efforts in making the child happy or just tired of running behind them. 

I happened to talk to a granny who comes down with her grandchild every evening, without fail, with probably a ball that the kid throws and she runs behind it so that the child can throw it again. By what she told me, I felt real pity for her.

She said, “Her son didn’t even consider asking whether she wanted to do this or not. He just assumed that, she will obviously love to play with the kid.”

According to her, she indeed loves the kid very much, but noticing the health, she should probably be resting, getting peace, for struggling enough in her lifetime to grow a son who’s capable of having a livelihood. 

This is just one observation, but there may be many grandparents that you see every day in the garden, who in reality don’t really want to babysit your kid, just because they are staying with you. Is this some kind of rent that they have to pay to stay at your place? 

Next time, you ask your parents to babysit your kid, firstly ASK them whether they really want to do this. And tell them that, it is okay to not feel like babysitting your child, and that it will not affect the bond that they share, in any which ways. 

Photo credit: Image by A. Debus from Pixabay

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