Twins day special!


Having a twin can have both, advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it’s not like, if one falls, the other one feels the pain. Or that, one can give attendance for both of us. Or constantly pranking people, giving them a ghostly feeling.

However, more fun comes when one is shouted for another one’s mistake. Obviously, me saying this, definitely hints that I do have a twin sister, and that, I did get some benefit because of her.

Since childhood, we both have been very much interested in sports and running and almost everything, that includes running. In fact, we both were the only girls in our batch, who would play with boys since they were the only ones playing on the ground. While all the other girls would gang up and sit in a corner and gossip.

Like every school, our school would also conduct Annual Sports day, for which the participants were selected from the entire batch, according to the houses that were assigned. Though I hate saying this, my sister was faster than me, in school. So, she would get selected in most of the events. But something different happened when we were in third grade.

All the girls were made to run, and as usual, my sister was selected for 100 meters and 200 meters, as she came first from her house. Now it was time to write the names of the participants, to make a list for the Annual Sports day. So our teacher called out the participants for 100 metes, and my sister’s name was given from her house. Then our teacher called out the names for 200 meters, and as selected, my sister’s name was called out again. However, our teacher thought, that some mistake had happened and that my sister’s name was mistakenly written twice, instead of my name.

As a result, I got to run 200 meters race during the Annual Sports day, and luckily I did win that race.

So when we say that having twins can have advantages and disadvantages, it can also mean that one’s disadvantage can lead to another one’s advantage.

Photo credit: Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

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