‘Pranks’ is a trending topic, always. We see it on YouTube, where people post videos pranking their friends, or just random people to get their reaction. They are really fun when the other person takes it in a fun way. However, they can get ugly, if the person being pranked, doesn’t enjoy it, or if he is pranked a lot, to an extent that he gets frustrated by the people conducting it. 

I think, if one person is consecutively getting pranked, then it doesn’t just remain a fun prank, but becomes bullying. Which indeed is a crime and completely punishable. 

Well, sometimes, peers may not get punished, but they sure hurt the person, creating a sense of void, loneliness in the person. We all love to mess with people that are affected by the action, and not to the ones that don’t care. If a person doesn’t react, what is the use of putting efforts? But it is completely unethical to hurt that person, just because he reacts. 

Bullying as a thing, may not always happen like shown on big screens, where your seniors bring all the juniors and ask them to do stuff. It can also happen in your own peer group, the group of people whom you consider friends. 

It’s actually easy to manipulate a person, just by making him believe that you’re a part of the group. And in the quest to fit in the group, a person can commit or get along, with anything. 

As kids, being a part of a group is really important. To play around, to tell stories, and to pass time, in general. This is the time when you, as parents are responsible to see whether your child is getting in such a trap. Whether your child is a part of a group, or just a play toy, that peers use, to have fun.

 Bullying or being bullied, both have consequences, that will surely have a result on the child’s future. So be responsible for your child’s activities in his group, and see to it, that he neither bullies nor is getting bullied.

Photo credit: Image by Галина Шарапова from Pixabay

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